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Unto Joy

all you ever need to be - paperback

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Poetry by McKell Quilter Wilson 

In All You Ever Need to Be, McKell Quilter Wilson walks with readers through the life changing journey she found herself on after being diagnosed with malignant thyroid cancer. Exploring themes of grief, growth, and rebirth through poetry and prose, this book invites readers to embark on the journey through the wilderness of their own soul as they come to know the sacred nature of their grief, find beauty in their growth, and return to the present moment with each passing breath. 

when the flowers are ready to bloom

they bloom

and i'm certain they don't spend winter

worried about how long it'll take for the snow to melt

and i'm certain they don't spend springtime

in an anxious flurry rushing to be the first to show their vibrant colors

they just are where they are

and they bloom when they do

offering a gentle reminder to all who will listen:

you are here

and here is all you ever need to be


McKell Quilter Wilson